• Apam Balik Home Kit

    Now you can make your own version of our best apam balik at home. Setel je apam balik best di rumah!
  • Aspirations of ApaMacam for the world today.

    Empowering & elevating the livelihood of the overlooked community, one apam at a time.

    Deafpreneur Empowerment

    Beyond the absence of the ability to hear, the deaf community can now be their own bosses and increase their income through the ApaMacam business, supported by technology.

    Spreading Apam Balik's Awesomeness To The World

    ApaMacam aspires to make awesome tasty apam balik more accessible to everyone in Malaysia and the world by having one ApaMacam outlet and kiosk within every 10km radius.

    The Future is Now

    Offering opportunities to the less fortunate community to rise from the challenges in earning a living as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the current economic climate with the ease of doing business through ApaMacam.

  • Blog from ApaMacam

    The sharing of sweet goodness and crispiness from the ApaMacam's crew.

    February 19, 2023 · Apam Balik Listings,Kuala Lumpur
  • Happiness Is Simple

    Sweet, crispy, tasty apam balik that brings the family together.

  • Kickstart Your Entrepreneurship Journey With ApaMacam

    Easy to start and immediate income generating business that will surely bring joy to customers with the taste of sweet crispiness of ApaMacam's XL apam balik.

  • Our People

    Join our growing happy family!

  • Looking to start a business with ApaMacam?

    ApaMacam has one of the lowest start-up costs in the industry.


    Your complete investment depends on your location, size, and the extent of renovations required – whether traditional or non-traditional locations.


    Let's make your business dream come true through the crispiness of nuts and corn!

  • Join Our ApaMacam Family Now!

    Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for opportunities to kickstart an F&B business?

    With investment as low as RM15,000, you can achieve a Return of Investment (ROI) in as soon as 8 months*!

    Talk to us and let us help you to turn your dreams into reality through delivering happiness to apam balik lovers around Malaysia!

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