• Kickstarting Your Entrepreneurship Dream With ApaMacam

    ApaMacam has one of the lowest start-up costs in the industry.
    Your complete investment depends on your location, size, and the extent of renovations required – whether traditional or non-traditional locations.
    Let's make your business dream come true through the crispiness of nuts and corn!
  • Why Apamacam is A Great Business?

    Low wastage rate. Ingredients are made up of minimum perishables and almost nothing gets thrown.

    Apam balik snacks are high margin products where every sale allow you to earn as high as RM0.70 from every RM1 sold*.


    *Subject to SKU.

    Flexible timing as you can easily replicate your 9-to-5 job income from a few hours of business operation or operate after office hours as supplementary income.

  • Support & Responsibilities

    At ApaMacam, we will ensure that our partners get the support they need to run a successful ApaMacam business, hence we ensure we provide the right support whenever requested, to ensure that a licensee will be able to run an attractive and profitable business based on our our knowledge and expertise.


    From the start, providing the right equipment and ingredients to allow the licensee to generate sales from the go, to allow timely delivery of ingredients to ensure minimum disruption to their businesses; ApaMacam is committed to ensure that our licensees succeed together as one.

  • Why Investing ApaMacam may just be the best decision?

    We realise your entrepreneurship dream with the right product and support. With the right location, the sales generated may allow you to achieve ROI in just less than 6 months*!

    Low Startup / Licensing Fee

    Starting at just RM15,000*, you will be provided with the equipments (especially the customised stove) and the ingredients that will allow you to operate and generate sales to recoup the initial investment immediately.

    Quality Ingredients and Timely Supply

    Apamacam team will ensure that your business is equipped with adequate supplies to ensure minimum disruption.


    All ingredients quality are assessed before being decided on the usage according to the guideline of product preparation - and timely delivery to our licensees' location as planned.

    Dedicated Marketing To Drive Brand Awareness & Convert As Customers

    We plan and carefully execute our strategic marketing plan with the right talents to achieve our desired results in ensuring Malaysians identify apam balik with ApaMacam and know where to find us within our licensees' operating locations.

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  • Join Our ApaMacam Family Now!

    Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for opportunities to kickstart an F&B business?

    With investment as low as RM15,000, you can achieve a Return of Investment (ROI) in as soon as 8 months*!

    Talk to us and let us help you to turn your dreams into reality through delivering happiness to apam balik lovers around Malaysia!

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